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This is book one in the Vegas Mythbehaving series.


What's the next step when a girl is forced to tell the truth and deal with crazy Greek gods? Have mind-blowing sex with a hunky god, of course. 


Cassandra Troy comes from a long line of fortune-tellers and her mother is no exception. But having sworn off the business when her mother goes missing, Cassandra's not impressed. She has to track her mother down before the family business drives her round the bend. But with strange accidents, an inability to tell a lie, a hunky hotel manager named Hermes and a host of people who swear they're gods of mythology, the task might be harder than she thought. 


It's time for a girl to lay down the law. 


Cover_MrMuse318 copy.jpg

Second book in the Vegas Mythbehaving series.


What do you get when you cross crazy Greek Gods, a romance writer in need of inspiration, and someone out for blood?




The only problem writer, Missy Duncan, has -other than her divorce- is trying to write hot love scenes. Now she's been blown up, has a naked, hunky, Muse Eric Elonikas protecting her body, someone trying to kill her and oh yeah. she may have just fallen in love.


Can this day get any more complicated? 



Third book in the Vegas Mythbehaving Series.

When a girl's a wolf it's hard to get a date. Especially when the man you're hot for thinks you're a dog... literally! 


That's the problem for Kyla Lykos, Captain of Security for the Greek Goddess Artemis. She's a wolf, undercover investigating the Werewolf murders. But the guy she wants to be up close and personal with is her human handler, Damien Theophilous. The sexy detective is helping her with cases, even if he doesn't know it yet. But the bodies are piling up and someone has a grudge against her and her boss. Then there's the problem of Damien, the man she just might love… 


Can they save each other before the monster decides to dine? 

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